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Dave's First 10 Years

Interesting People I've Run Across...

LA Times Festival of Books

Maureen McCormick - "Marsha"

Dave and Yuja Wang

Pianist Yuja Wang

San Diego Symphony Pension Fund Benefit Concert

Composer John Williams

Dave and Anthony Daniels

Anthony Daniels, aka "C3PO"

Dave and Richard Roeper

Film Critic Richard Roeper

San Diego Asian Film Festival

George Takei - "Sulu"

LA Times Festival of Books

TV Chef Giada De Laurentiis

KPBS 40 Year Anniversary Party

Huell Howser - "California's Gold" host

KPBS 40 Year Anniversary Party

San Diego Historian Ken Kramer

Wil Wheaton

Actor Wil Wheaton

Irwin Jacobs

Founder of Qualcomm Irwin Jacobs

With Jahja Ling and Jessie Chang

Jahja Ling, Conductor, San Diego Symphony, and pianist Jessie Chang

LA Times Festival of Books

Lloyd Schwartz - (son of Sherwood)

San Diego Symphony Pension Fund Benefit Concert

Audrey Geisel

Dave with Ben Stein

Ben Stein - "Bueller ..."

Woody Allen - Dec 19, 2006

Woody Allen

Dave with Al Franken

Senator Al Franken

Sasha and Dave

Olympic Champ Sasha Cohen

San Diego Asian Film Festival

TV Anchor Lee Ann Kim

Wendy and Dave with Rachel Ray

Rachael Ray

With Gene Wilder

Gene Wilder

Parents of Iris Chang

Parents of author, Iris Chang

Brad Smith

Intuit CEO Brad Smith

Nancy Kwan

Actress Nancy Kwan

Meeting Nancy Kwan

Director Brian Jamieson

Dave and Penn

Penn Jillette

Dave and Teller

Teller (Yes, he talks)

Kristi Yamaguchi and her little book.

Olympic Champ Kristi Yamaguchi

Dealey Plaza

Author Robert Grodin

Chang and Jae Kim

Artist Jae Kim and wife Chang

Dave and Steve Bennett

Former Intuit CEO Steve Bennett

Scott Cook

Intuit Founder Scott Cook

LA Times Festival of Books

Actress Marlee Matlin

Dave and Nancy Lo

APHFIC President Nancy Lo

Dave and Marshall Loeb

Financial Guru Marshall Loeb

Pikes Place Market

Pike's Place Fish Mongers

Mujibar or Sirajul

Mujibar or Sirajul (old regular on Late Night with David Letterman)

Dave with the Motley Fools

Dave and Tom Gardner

Chicago Food

Rosa at "Rosa's Lounge," Chicago

Our Friends and Us

Composer Marvin Hamlisch

Our Friends and Us

Joe Herndon - bass singer for the Temptations

Dave with Mike Artamonov

Lead Guitarist "SO3," Mike Artamonov

Pianist Hei-ock Kim

Pianist Hei-ock Kim

Dave with Madison

"Madison" from KPRI, FM, San Diego

Disneyland - October 2007

Ernie - last Disneyland employee hired by Walt Disney (1966)

Al Franken, again

Al Franken, with his eyes closed

La Jolla Summerfest 2011-3

Famed violinist Cho-Liang Lin at SummerFest

La Jolla Summerfest 2011-2

Ambitious young composer Cynthia Wong

La Jolla Summerfest 2011-1

Supremely gifted pianist Joyce Yang

Anderson & Roe Piano Duo

Anderson & Roe Piano Duo

George Takei

George Takei

Brad Takei

Brad Takei

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